#1 Summer Amenity: Outdoor Space 

In the Midwest, summer reigns king as the cold winters fades into a distant memory and being outside is the number one goal. In multifamily, green spaces are experiencing a resurgence. Our residents often choose apartments based on the available outdoor space. In return, we are seeing developers incorporate outdoor space as key amenities into new projects or renovations including firepits, walking paths, playgrounds and outdoor community areas.

The top trends DMG is seeing in multifamily outdoor spaces include:

Own Outdoor Space: The primary request we see is for residents seeking their own outdoor space. In fact, in Wisconsin DMG is currently pre-leasing for Heyday Sun Prairie where the number one amenity is resident’s own outdoor space as part of the Single-Family Rental community. Additionally, many of the properties DMG manages in Chicago include balcony’s allowing residents to enjoy the outdoors in the comfort of their own home.

Community Gathering: As residents are craving the community connections, often landlords are specifically developing spaces that facilitate community gatherings. At Avere on Duane in the Chicago suburb of Glen Ellyn, the property put in high-end fire pits and green space for the residents to gather. Additionally, Whitnall Park Apartments opened a state-of-the-art community pool in the summer of 2022.

Green Space for Resident Lifestyles: Across DMG properties, residents are enjoying outdoor amenities that fit their lifestyle including playgrounds for young families, dog walks and hiking trails. 

We look forward to DMG residents enjoying the summer months and taking advantage of every outdoor amenity offered at each respective property.