James Minnie

James Minnie (Jim) is responsible for site inspections, estimating and planning all capital upgrades including apartment rehabs, construction budgeting, as well as contracting and supervising all phases of construction.
Jim has been a member of Daniel Management Group since 2014. He has also been the President and CEO of his own firm, Minnie Erecting Ltd, for many years.

Jim has additional experience as a controller at Fluid Regulators Ohio (aerospace supplier), a section manager at Racine Hydraulics Wisconsin (hydraulic systems manufacturing), and a maintenance and engineering manager at Miller Printing. He has also performed industrial work including project management, construction management, plant layout design, and industrial design and installations for companies throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Jim has studied at Baldwin Wallace College, Lakeland Community College and the University of Wisconsin Madison where he has earned multiple industrial and systems planning certificates.

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