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Behind the Scenes of Whitnall Pointe Becoming Whitnall Park Apartments

Renovation, upgrades and state of the art features are critical for all first-in-class apartment communities. This is also true for Whitnall Pointe, now Whitnall Park  an apartment community that has 480 units and serves close to 1,000 residents in Franklin, Wisconsin — a suburb of Milwaukee.

DMG understands that capital investment require careful thought, due diligence and an understanding on the type of impact it will have on both current residents and future residents as well as on the overall profitability of the building.

“In 2019, what was then Whitnall Pointe Apartments, was a successful apartment community with many features that residents enjoyed including a sauna and pool,” said Roger Daniel, president and founder of DMG. “However, we knew there was opportunity to reinvest in the community so that it  became more of a destination for residents.”


Working closely with Foster Dale of Foster Dale Architects and Whitnall Park ownership, the Community Room/ Club House became the center of the redevelopment project. The goal was to provide a space where residents could host celebrations, family gatherings, and parties. Additionally, the Community Room would serve as a place from which residents could work, a concept that increased in popularity during the pandemic.

In addition to the creation of the new Community Room, there were many aspects of the property that had potential to be upgraded including – the fitness center, sauna and outdoor areas including both pools, playground, grilling stations, etc. A third of the apartments, building hallways and building exteriors were also all upgraded.

As Whitnall Pointe began this transformation, the opportunity presented itself to rebrand to Whitnall Park Apartments aligning with the community and emphasizing the easy access residents have to Whitnall Park and its walking trails.

Like any construction process, there were bumps along the road – primarily due to the global disruption driven by Covid leading to challenges around timing and increasing construction cost. DMG continued to be nimble throughout the project, even shifting funds to ensure the additional outdoor amenities like the pool had what was needed to bring the vision to fruition.

Also, understanding the changing needs of residents and an increase in popularity of the work from home model, the renovation pivoted to ensure there were amenities that would satisfy this trend. For example, there is free Wi-Fi in the brand-new community room and on the pool deck. Additionally, in the apartments, residents have access to high-speed Wi-Fi that is part of a bundled service offering. The apartment enhancements also included extending the bar/ counter top area to serve as a work space and added serial ports to the wall for easy plug-ins for all devices.

On July 8, 2022, the Whitnall Pointe to Whitnall Park Apartments transformation was finally complete, capped off by a grand reopening. The pool opened to residents at 2 p.m. on July 8th and within minutes was buzzing with residents testing the waters and already enjoying the space.

In mid-2020 with lockdowns, a quarantine and supply chain issues, it was hard to envision this renovation coming to fruition. However, due to the diligent efforts of DMG and its trusted partners, Whitnall Park Apartments has come to life and provides an incredible living environment for current and future residents. Check out the renovation here and see the grand reopening celebration!