Q&A with Founder Roger Daniel

Roger shares about reaching 10-year milestone and key learnings along the way

  • Did you always know you wanted to be in multifamily and property management?  
    • Growing up my plan was to become a doctor similar to my father and grandfather – but I quickly knew that wasn’t a career path that was for me. I was fortunate to learn about multifamily real estate through a family friend who guided my pivot to this career and recommended I get as much experience as possible. I started in leasing, then became a manager, regional manager and along the way had jobs in finance too. I quickly learned that having both the property management experience and finance experience was a unique combination of skills sets that set me apart.  
  • When did you start DMG? 
    • I started DMG in July 2013, with the purchase of a building on the northside with funds raised from friends and family. It was a beautiful property already that I knew I could run better. Through that early experience, I learned the value of operations and how we could add that value to other properties.  
  • What are you most proud of with DMG as you reach this incredible 10-year milestone? 
    • As I reflect on this 10-year milestone, there is so much I’m proud that DMG has accomplished. I am so excited about the tangible results we are able to drive as a company where we improve the lives of our residents, enhance the neighborhoods we are in while adding value for our clients and provide career paths for our employees. 
  • What is your biggest key learning from the last decade?  
    • My biggest key learning is the value in having grit-getting up every day, staying organized, and executing.  
  • If you could tell yourself something in July 2013 about your career and DMG, what would it be? 
    • If I could go back in time to July 2013, I would tell myself to stay the course, stay true to who you are and focus on adding value to people’s lives.  The rest will come.