DMG employees give back

First Annual DMG Cares Days Brings DMG Employees Together To Give Back

On Friday, August 26th DMG celebrated our first DMG Cares Day, a day for our the DMG team to come together and give back to the community. Chicago-based employees had the opportunity to clean up Brands Park in Avondale, a park located right around the corner from DMG’s first ever property management assignment. We worked with the Chicago Parks Foundation to help facilitate the day giving our team all the cleaning supplies we needed. DMG also made a financial donation to the Chicago Parks Foundation to help support their work throughout the Chicago Parks. The outing was especially meaningful for Chicago employees to gather together since they all either work remote or throughout various DMG properties in the city and suburbs.

“I’m excited after an incredibly busy and rewarding summer at DMG to host DMG Cares Day for Chicago and Wisconsin employees,” said Roger Daniel, president and founder of DMG. “This is a time for us to live the values of DMG, give back to the communities where we work and spend time as a company getting to socialize outside of the office.”

In Franklin, Wisconsin, Whitnall Park Apartments, an apartment community that has 480 units and serves close to 1,000 residents in a suburb of Milwaukee, also hosted a DMG Cares day for all Wisconsin employees. Whitnall was able to use the newly opened property community room for employees to at joined together to pack lunches. Employees spent a fun morning resulting in 80 lunches with positive messages included to help those in need. The lunches were then donated to a local food pantry called Just One More Ministries in Glendale, Wisconsin.

“DMG Wisconsin employees have been busy this summer with the renovation and grand re-opening of Whitnall Park Apartments,” said Destiny Hetland, Whitnall Park Apartment Manager. “It was wonderful to get the opportunity to take time away from our day-to-day and work together as a company to give back.”

More about the DMG Cares Day in Chicago can be seen here.