Work-From-Home Trends for Chicago Property Managers

Hybrid and remote work is likely to stick around even as the rest of life returns to normal after the pandemic. Apartments are being used for much more than just daily living, like relaxing and entertaining. Your home may now function as a home office, study lounge, or meeting space. Building owners and Chicago apartment management companies such as Daniel Management Group, as well as residents themselves, are finding ways to adapt to this new era of work-life balance.

To offer more lifestyle-appropriate amenities that will cater to these changes, we have supplied a list of ideas that will aid in the transition for residents throughout the Chicagoland area.

  • Incorporate nooks, dens, and other extra spaces – Multifamily developers are adding in extra space in new and renovated floor plans. Whereas the pre-pandemic trend in multifamily was to maximize common spaces such as lounges and game rooms and reduce apartment footprints, now owners know that apartment tenants want more space and flexible, modular floorplans that incorporate a dedicated work station. Recent research from real estate advisory firm Newmark showed that 14% of units were retooled in major projects to accommodate more space for working.
  • Offering amenities that mimic office buildings – Owners and property management companies will have to consider how to make apartment buildings more convenient places for residents to work. Some buildings may feature common areas where residents can plug in their laptops in various spaces, or business centers with printers, copy machines, and scanners.

Other amenities like coffee stations, well-equipped gyms, or enhanced outdoor spaces will give residents a chance to take a screen break. Finally, app-based services for package management or off-site storage will help residents manage their days with more ease.

  • High-Speed WiFi and Smart home technology will become standard – Between video meetings, downloading and uploading work files, and streaming services, excellent internet connection is necessary for anyone working or studying at home. Smart home features like fast website accessibility, programmable thermostats and lighting, and video doorbells make it easier to set up apartment conditions exactly as you want them for productivity or relaxation.
  • Residents maximize their current space – Residents are taking a look at apartment layouts and getting creative to set up work-from-home spaces they feel comfortable in. If they’re more likely to be on Zoom meetings than host a dinner party, dining tables can be converted to work areas.

By adding double-duty storage shelves or a hutch, work materials can be tucked away and drinking glasses can come out in case of company. Unused portions of bedrooms or even walk-in closets are other popular spots to set up desks, and may be more private for apartment dwellers who have significant others or roommates who are also working from home.

  • Neighborhoods will be more important than ever – Since apartment residents may not be commuting as much as they did before, the dining, shopping and entertainment options around their homes will be a big part of deciding where to live and how happy they’ll be in the long-term.

Property owners, tenants, and apartment management companies near Chicago are all adapting to the new ways that we are working and living today– and how much the lines have blurred between the two. While some changes, such as expanding apartment layouts or adding dedicated office spaces, will take longer to implement, other changes can start aiding productivity and comfort now.